Solar Air Heater

It is conceivable to decrease 25% to 75% utilization of fossil powers like heater oil, diesel, coal, using so as to kindle sunlight based air radiator and sun based water warmer framework. SUNBEST has effectively shown this in its various mechanical arrangements.

The licensed creative sunlight based innovation created by Sunbest , is utilized to produce hot air from Sun’s radiation utilizing a gadget called Solar Air Heater; the Solar Air Heater is coordinated in the top of any mechanical house in a huge secluded structure. It warms natural air with altogether high productivity acquired because of itemized outline of the authority considering the stream of air basing on Computerized Flow Design (CFD) models for high warmth exchange.

The hot air temperature acquired from the sunlight based authority changes from 60°C to 100°C or more. This hot air could be utilized as a pre-warming framework when the last hot air temperature required is higher. Utilizing propelled robotization and control frameworks, SunBest has inventively made it conceivable to blend sun oriented warmed air with ordinary fuel warmed air to guarantee a consistent procedure temperature in the dryer guaranteeing fuel decrease. The SunBest arrangement along these lines keeps any changes to the mechanical generation because of the varieties in sun oriented radiation over the day.

The SunBest Solar air warmer frameworks have been effectively presented in mechanical tumble dryers where the drying item could be clothing fabric (or) latex elastic. In the tumble dryer the encompassing air is warmed through 70°C to 110°C according to the item prerequisite. New passing so as to encompass air is warmed through electrical warmer/Steam conveying radiator/Thermic liquid radiator. These units have hearty and all around tried control frameworks to change the fuel utilization according to the temperature prerequis.

SunBest solar solutions through pre-heating have varied applications across industries such as :

  • Solar Laundry Dryer

  • Solar Mattress Dryer

  • Solar Leather Drying

  • Solar Latex Drying

  • Solar Tumble Dryer

  • Solar Fish Dryer

  • Solar Salt Dryer

  • Solar Ceramic Drying

  • Solar Paint Shop Dryer

Solar Air Heater
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