SunBest has vast expertise in designing, manufacturing/fabricating and successful execution of custom solar solutions for various industrial sectors – manufacturing/process industries, agro and food processing industries to name a few.

India spends annually 17, 80,000 kilo litres or equivalent furnace oil for meeting 60% of thermal energy used in industries for processing the end product. Many industries require hot air at a lower temperature range, around 50-80˚C and above for process. SunBest offers patented air heater /pre heatingsolutions for Industries.



It is possible to reduce 25% to 75% consumption of fossil fuels like furnace oil, diesel, coal, firewood by using solar air heating system. SunBest has successfully demonstrated this in more than 45 industrial projects with its patented air pre-heating solutions. more


Solar hot air technology offers the best, clean and green solution for agro industries. The green technology logo adds value addition to final products. SunBest has many success stories in the usage of solar heat for hygienic and high quality processing of agro products like chillies, spices, dhal, fruits, vegetables, and fish. more




Most farmers/fishermen cannot afford a building or electrical supply for processing their produce.SunBest introduces the fully solar dependent solar driers,providing the ideal solution to such farmers/fishermen. SunBest has successfully implemented more than 100 fully solar dependent drier projects for processing fish, fruits & vegetables, herbal products in rural areas.