It is possible to reduce 25% to 75% consumption of fossil fuels like furnace oil, diesel, coal, firewood by using solar air and water heating system. SunBest has successfully demonstrated this in its industrial solutions for the manufacturing/process industries.

The patented innovative solar technology developed by SunBest is used to generate hot air from Sun’s radiation using a device called Solar Air Heater; the Solar Air Heater is integrated in the roof of any industrial house in a large modular form. It heats fresh air with significantly high efficiency obtained due to detailed design of the collector taking into account the flow of air basing on Computerized Flow Design (CFD) models for high heat transfer. The hot air temperature obtained from the solar collector varies from 60°C to 100°C and above. This hot air will be used as a pre heating system when the final hot air temperature needed is higher.

Using advanced automation and control systems, SunBest has innovatively made it possible to mix solar heated air with conventional fuel heated air to assure a constant process temperature in the dryer, ensuring fuel reduction. The SunBest solution thus prevents any fluctuations to the industrial production due to the variations in solar radiation across the day.

SUN BEST solar solutions through pre-heating have varied applications across manufacturing/process industries such as:

  • Solar Laundry Drier

  • Solar Mattress Dryer

  • Solar Leather Drying

  • Solar Latex Drying

  • Solar Tumble Drier

  • Solar Ceramic Drying

  • Solar Paint Shop Drier