Concentrating and pipe type solar collector is a new kind of device to collect energy. It consists of compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) which is non-tracing concentrated and vacuum hot-tube collector (receiver). CPC features of non-imaging and low concentration. On the basis of edge-ray principle, CPC can collect incident ray within the specified scope by the ideal concentration ration onto the receiver. The vacuum hot-tube collector converts the solar energy to heat energy, and the medium transfers the heat energy to water.

  1. Large collecting scale and high efficiency
  2. No water in the vacuum tubes – It means that even the tube breaks up, no water leaks.
  3. Pressurized running
  4. Arbitrary placement and moderated temperature collector.

sunbest - Solar Compound Parabolic Collector (CPC)

Sunbest CPC collectors:

Recent addition to heating water and thermic oil in western countries is compound parabolic collector (CPC) which combination both concentrator and it works on cloudy/ diffused radiation days also.

These collectors are widely used in Europe, Japan and other countries where during winter solar radiation levels are very low.

They have efficiency of above 60%.

MNRE has enrolled Sunbest as a channel partner on CST.

These collectors are basic designed in Germany. Sunbest provides value addition to them.

CPC collectors could operate up to 6 bar pressure and temperature 160 degree Celsius, but efficiently in the range of 90-100 degree Celsius.

The CPC collectors have shown that even when the radation was 1/5th of the sunny period, it could able to heat the water and rise the temperature 5-10 degree Celsius above.

CPC Applications:

Because of their high performance these systems could able to provide energy output mainly on large level water heating projects in leather industry – auto sprayer, tunnel dryer, toggle unit, calendaring unit

Industrial degreasing plant

Textile – dying units, relax dryer, stender dryer, tumble dryer etc.

Other industrial process heat

These collectors instead of water could use thermal oil and transfer heat from sun to process applications reducing the fossil fuel consumption.

Sunbest projects on CPC:

700 sq.m solar industrial process heat at Siliguri, West Bengal.

200 sq.m solar industrial process heat at Roorkee, Uttarakhand.