SunBest offers a vast portfolio of solar power solutions / solar inverters from a small rating to upto hundreds of kilowatts power requirements. SunBest’s extensive range of solar inverters/power solutions is suitable for the smallest residential home system to industrial power stations.

SunBest will undertake an assessment of existing power arrangements and load requirements for its domestic, commercial/industrials customers and provide an optimal power solution along with the necessary SPVcapacity.

Off Grid Power Solutions

For Industrial and Commercial establishments, SunBest offers Solar Power Generators (off-grid) across a wide range – 1KW to 100KW. SunBest solar power generators are fabricated with world-class solar panels, power controllers and batteries, ensuring superior quality and durable, maintenance free solutions.

Hybrid Solar Inverters

SunBest provides hybrid solar inverters for new residential and commercial establishments. The hybrid solar inverters provide a long-lasting power solution, reducing dependency on grid supply and reducing electricity consumption.

Supplementary Solar Power

With large scheduled daily power outages across the state, even homes/commercial establishments which already have inverters and batteries suffer power shortages; sufficient power isn’t available to charge the batteries. SunBest provides the apt solution to such households/establishments with SPV panels along with electronic charge controllers to extend power availability.